Posters is a professional picture framing outlet with more than 30 years of experience to a UK standard. We use only high quality materials and experienced picture framers. 

We presently have over 900 different frames in our warehouse and have access to more than 10,000 different mouldings through our network of suppliers. 

We also have a range of 90+ colours of white core mountboard which is PH Neutral. These boards feature a pure white core and offer a clean, crisp, bevel cut. The inner core will remain white and will not yellow over time. Within our mountboard collection are over 40 shades of white and off-white, we have the subtleties to match your artwork perfectly. 

Due to popular demand and regular customers knocking at the door we have decided to keep our Framing shop (near the taxi stand) open all day long from 10am – 10pm. Now you can frame at your convenience all day long!

CALL 055 FRAMING / +971 2 445 0231